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Xenios loutra village

Loutra is a picturesque village by the seaside, situated five kilometers south of Agia Paraskevi. You will find restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Loutra‘s natural beauty

Loutra‘s natural beauty boasts rocky shores, and crystal clear turquoise waters; the ideal combination of adventure and relaxation. From the bowels of the mountain emerge the medicinal thermal springs. For centuries, the unique composition of therapeutic properties of the springs have helped heal people’s bodily ailments. The austere beauty of the landscape, the labyrinthine caves in the rocky mountains, the pine trees touching the sea, Loutra is a composition of unmatched harmony with nature. The modern Spa was founded in this traditional village, and its therapeutic properties are well known for treating people of all.

The Spa is a traditional place of healing and rejuvenation and the ideal place to overcome the stress and tension of daily life. At the SPA you can bathe in a choice of pools (indoor or outdoor), detox in the saunas, and hammam, relax in the jacuzzi, either individual or as a group, and finish off with a delightful massage. These days people are under a lot of pressure and live fast paced stressful lives, this creates bodily ailments and fatigue all of which can be treated by receiving wellness care in a beautiful environment with full medical assistance.

cultural events and festivals

Kassandra Festival

When: Early August

Every year the festival is renewed and promises visitors a unique cultural experience at the heart of the Balkans, where else but gorgeous Halkidiki. The team of Kassandra Festival has prepared a high quality program of performances including theater, concerts and cultural events.

Anchovy Feast

When:Early August

One of the activities that has been established in Nea Skioni is the annual “Anchovy Feast”. It takes place early in August and includes cultural events lasting three days. Attendees have the opportunity to enjoy events taking place at the beach area, to drink local wine and eat fresh fish accompanied by live folk music, all provided for by the Municipality of Kassandra. 

Honey Festival in Agia Paraskevi

When: July

The Honey Festival is organized with the help of local producers on the eve of the feast of Aghia Paraskevi, on 25 July. The Honey festival accompanied by the traditional rice pudding sharing constitute a vivid folk event. On this day in Agia Paraskevi wine and food is offered free of charge to attendees.

Feast of Agia Marina in Fourka

When:J uly 17

Street festival at Agia Marina in the village square with traditional music and dancing.Organized by the Cultural Association Fourka.

Sani Festival

When: July

Sani Festival artistic events started in just 1991 with a group painting exhibition conveying the passion and love for Art. While in 1992, the events were enriched by organizing the first 'Jazz on the Hill', a weekend dedicated to jazz music. 

Afitos, Afitos of Athitos

When: July-August

Street festival at Agia Marina in the village square with traditional music and dancing.Organized by the Cultural Association Fourka.

sports and activities

Horse Riding

The pine forests of Halkidiki offer a great variety of special trails and paths, making the region ideal to be explored while horse riding. Whether you are looking to get off the beaten track and head off into the verdant hillsides, or trek along the stunning
coastline, horse riding is a great way to admire the region's natural beauty. 


Close to Thessaloniki, the rock climbing area of Loutra on Kassandra (Chalkidiki), offers beautiful bouldering opportunities and longer climbs of up to 100m right above the sea. It is even suitable for the hot summer season and ideal for families as one can perfectly combine beach life and rock climbing.

Jeep Safari

The area is full of forests, cliffs and long, sandy beaches, ideal to practice this sport. There are also a lot of drift roads to explore, which connect remote villages. Day-long excursions by jeep, with the escort of a multilingual driver, are also organised often. During the excursion, the visitor can admire the rich flora and fauna, with constant stops to take pictures of the amazing  landscape, to swim or to have a picnic.